Well after procrastinating for a couple of decades; I have finally started shooting video more. I have a dream of making a couple of documentaries. Better late than never. I’m starting now! We recently moved back to Colorado; Durango this time around.

I have been practicing allot with my gimbals and I have a Tilta Float on order. I can’t wait to don this beast of videographer kit. Think I can ski with it? It’s kind of like wearing a camera jib on a Stedicam. A miniature Arri Trinity.

Been flying the drones allot too. Got my FAA Part 107 UAS license. So now I am officially a licensed commercial drone pilot based in Durango, Colorado. I talked shit about drones for about a decade and still do. However they are incredible tool and give an amazing perspective for aerial cinematography and photography.

Anyone got a production need for a stedicam operator or drone pilot? I will make a review of the Tilta Float once I get it. I’m going be building out my video production at www.TornadoCanyon.com