After years of spending most of our time homeless and roaming around on adventures.  Last fall we were forced to settle for a bit.  My 94 year old father was having an increasingly difficult time living alone and most of the help was coming from one sister.  So Claire and I moved back to my home state of Arkansas indefinitely.  We moved in with my father and got a puppy.  We really started to enjoy a little bit of routine and having a home that wasn’t a camp or super temporary.  We built a trail along the creek and went on morning coffee walks with the dog.  My father has since passed and Ernie (the dog) has gotten bigger and bolder.
I haven’t spent much time in Arkansas since I was a kid in the 90’s.   We decided to stay for spring in the Ozark’s.
We have “upgraded” our home.  We purchased a fixer upper 1974 31’ International Airstream travel trailer.  We are planning on spending the summer based in Ketchum, Idaho where we will be renovating this shiny beast.  Although I have done lots of home repair projects; this is a new world and we are definitely on a budget.  Wish us luck.