The Vintage Townie Bicycles of Crested Butte. Photography Prints?

This project started one morning; when as I walked up to my trusty 1970‘s Schwinn bicycle.  I noticed the way the handlebars of two adjacent vintage bikes seemed to be holding each other in a loving embrace.  I wasn’t in a rush so I spent a few minutes observing as the light changed.  I came back later in the afternoon to shoot the same handlebars again.

In the town of Crested Butte old beater bicycles are the norm.  It’s like they all migrated here to avoid a genocide.  Many bear scares from previous lives in faraway places.  Now they live the life of a refugee.  Most are rusty and worn.  Many are unrideable and are tossed to the side like victims of a death march.  Others are cannibalized so that others might live.  This town is a crowded refugee camp of vintage bicycles.  The more I looked the more I saw.  As I got closer and visually explored the craftsmanship of times gone by, the more entranced I became.  “Townies” is the culmination of many hours roaming the streets of Crested Butte capturing the art of these old bikes.

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