Colorado Shepherd – A migrant farm worker from Peru.

ShareThe wind howls across the alpine tundra. In the distance, rocky spires stretch to the cloud-filled sky. I imagine an ancient ruined city, like Machu Picchu, at its base, but I see no trees, buildings, roads or human development at all. It would be serene if it weren’t for the two thousand sheep. If I […]

Getting Married in the mountains of Colorado.

ShareIt’s beginning to look allot like Christmas in Crested Butte!  I often wonder why more couples don’t get married in Colorado in the Winter.  The wedding photography would be so special in the snow globe of the Rocky Mountains.  Granted it is also beautiful in the spring, summer and fall.  There are so many great […]

Shooting the 2011 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nationals.

ShareWhen I heard the course for the 2011 24 Hour mountain bike nationals was moved to a city park.  I thought to myself; ”This better not be a lap in the grass around the playground”.  I mean shooting bikes in a playground could be really cool, but probably not with Josh Tostado.  I was covering […]