Ayapal, Nicaragua

A crowd gathers around.

A horseman rides into town.

Pig Loading

Flying Pig

The liquor store in Ayapal has phone service.

Unloading a moto from a canoe ferry.

The bustling harbor of Ayapal from a restaurant.

Boys playing in the river with bamboo floats.

Boatmen moving upstream through a rapid on the Bocay river.

A man on his way to spearfish.

Bailing water while making the final touches on a new hand dug canoe.

A man poles a canoe down the river Bocay in Nicaragua on a foggy morning with a Ceiba tree in the background.

Making Tortillas in a typical kitchen.

Danny Jr. Pressing cheese in his cheesery.


The river in the jungle.

A crowd watches Anaconda on small televison.

Our tent set next to a bamboo home.

Cooking a typical meal of boiled plantains on the standard woodfired stove.

A man sharpening his machete in the morning.

A woman in a doorway.

A girl uses corn husk to start a fire.

An older sister feeds her disabled brother.

A boy maneuvering a canoe.

A boy collecting drinking water from a spring.

Stretching the shoulders after a long paddle.

Campfire reading.

Unloading a packraft to camp.

Braden running one of the few rapids.

Laundry girls watch as Claire paddles away.

Claire washes a smelly shirt

Taking a break on the Rio Bocay in Nicaragua.

Mining for gold on the Rio Coco.

Father (80's) and Son building a canoe.

Leaf cutter ants and a hammock.

A relaxing afternoon in a hammock.

Waking up in the laundry department of a one room home.

Claire leaving a house.

A girl grinds corn to make tortillas for breakfast.

We are eating breakfast under a house where we stayed a night.

Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and relax.

Cowboys rangle a cow.

Cowboys rangle a cow.

Claire cooling off by dipping her head.

The ever watchful eye of the children.

Claire buying food from a man.

Just shaving the legs.

Boys on a rainy day.

Super stoked for rain.

Slingshots on the head are in style in the Bosawas.

A man fishing with traditional bow.

Cutting plantains.

Cooking plantains on a fire in Nicaragua.

Making coffee in the morning.

We get a ride with a motor boat!

It was nice to get back to clean water.

and a close shave.

A speeding bus to the coast.

Man with a Jaguar sheath.

An endagnered Green Sea Turtle being sold on the beach in Nicaragua.

Chilling on the beach.

Handstanding on water.