How to repair a bent aperture arm on a Nikon camera.

I learned a new way to break a camera the other day, but more importantly I learned how to repair it in the field.  There I was several days from internet access let alone a Nikon Service Center; Who BTW are more often than not a pain in the ass to deal with.

Apparently some Nikkor lenses don’t have a tab to stop them from rotating past the postion (White dot on the camera aligned with white dot on the lens) where it should be removed from the camera body.  This causes the lens to be stuck on the camera in a weird position if you keep twisting even further in the direction to remove the lens the lens will bend the aperture lever.  This is exactly what I did with my 14-24 2.8 on a D600.  This causes an error on the screen since the aperture arm in the camera dosen’t activate the aperture lever on the lens to close the aperture blades in the lens when you take a picture. Since the lens aperture wont stop down; you will be over exposing the image unless you manually expose for the largest aperture of the lens.

So there I was totally baffled with a lens stuck on the camera.  It felt like the lens or the camera mount was broken.  I could feel crepitus inside when rotating it, but every thing looked fine except for the lens was in a strange position on the camera with the top of the lens facing the bottom of the camera.  After much confusion and cursing the lens came off and I could see the aperture arm was bent.  Well I figured I was SOL and I would spend allot of money to get it repaired, but since it was already broken I figured I might as well try to straiten it.  So I grabbed my trusty Leatherman and went to work.  I just eyeballed it and bent it back to what looked like a proper alignment.  It worked and the camera was back in operation in a mater of minutes:)  After the trip I contacted a camera repair shop.  They told me that that is what they sometimes do to repair a bent lever.  So my camera was repaired cheap and easy with a Leatherman.



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