Nicaraguan NGOs

ShareNicaragua is a personal project of mine.  I have been documenting the country and culture since 2012.  I’ve been spending the last few weeks volunteering with Social and Conservation NGOs working in Nicaragua. The Wildlife Conservation Society is an international organization striving to preserve endangered species throughout the world. This Darwin Intiative funded project  is […]

An excellent adventure in Laos. Packrafting the Xe Bang Fai river cave.

ShareLast winter Claire and I were caving and packrafting in Northern Thailand.  When some friendly cavers told us we needed to take are Kokopelli boats to the giant Xe Bang Fai ( Tham Khoun Xe ) river cave in Laos.  A week or so later we rolled into the dusty town of Bualapha.   This region […]


Share  With the onset of winter looming over our heads, Braden and I set out to complete a river trip we had been scheming for the entire summer. Thwarted by “bad weather” a few times, it appeared that a window of sunny skied opportunities just wasn’t in the making. I checked the forecast once again […]

Deepest cave in America goes deeper.

ShareThis past July, a group of core American cavers spent 10 days exploring and mapping remote alpine caves in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana.  With a surveyed depth of 1,659 ft, “Tears of the Turtle” is the deepest cave in the continental U.S. It is the first 500 meter deep limestone cave in the […]

Colorado Shepherd – A migrant farm worker from Peru.

ShareThe wind howls across the alpine tundra. In the distance, rocky spires stretch to the cloud-filled sky. I imagine an ancient ruined city, like Machu Picchu, at its base, but I see no trees, buildings, roads or human development at all. It would be serene if it weren’t for the two thousand sheep. If I […]

Getting Married in the mountains of Colorado.

ShareIt’s beginning to look allot like Christmas in Crested Butte!  I often wonder why more couples don’t get married in Colorado in the Winter.  The wedding photography would be so special in the snow globe of the Rocky Mountains.  Granted it is also beautiful in the spring, summer and fall.  There are so many great […]

How to repair a bent aperture arm on a Nikon camera.

ShareI learned a new way to break a camera the other day, but more importantly I learned how to repair it in the field.  There I was several days from internet access let alone a Nikon Service Center; Who BTW are more often than not a pain in the ass to deal with. Apparently some […]

Which current photographers are inspiring me?

ShareWell there are the classics that I very much appreciate. Henri Cartier-Bresson and Arnold Newman to name only two. They both left large bodies of important work. Then there is the recently discovered Vivian Maier. She lived in their era and left behind thousands of undeveloped “classic” images, but who is making great photographs now? […]

The ultimate river trip photo kit.

ShareAre you going on a white water adventure river trip and want to take a camera? What camera should you take and how can you protect it from the water while rafting? I was a river guide for a few years. Running rivers became an addiction. I still try to work a few trips a […]